Browser Apps

Newstouch 1.0

Access and download news from your favorite RSS feeds

Free Size: :122.84 kB

VeriChat 1.02b

Instant messaging client for S80 phones

Free Size: :172.18 kB

VeriChat 1.00b

Instant messaging client for S90 phones

Free Size: :207.34 kB

Opera Mobile 9.50

Let's face it, navigating the Web using your default Sony Ericsson browser isn't a very pleasant experience. Its fiddly controls, unreliability and...

Free Size: :4.34 MB

Nokia Reader 1.0

Nokia Reader is a free RSS reader for Symbian phones. It helps you to stay on top of news that you’re interested in by subscribing to feeds and...

Free Size: :523.42 kB

Ovi Lifecasting 1.00

Share the ground you walk on and the things you see

Free Size: :1.76 MB

IM+ (IMPlus) 4.12

Mobile instant messaging over various networks

Free Size: :305.19 kB

UC Browser

UC Browser is a workable internet browser for Symbian. With browsing sites online, one of the biggest concerns is the time it takes for pages to...

Free Size: :1.04 MB

Gravity 2.82.7283

Twitter can be an excellent remedy to boredom on a long bus journey or car journey. But you should make sure you install a decent Twitter client on...

Free Size: :2.53 MB

Ovi Contacts

Find and talk to your friends with just one click

Free Size: :1.06 MB