imo instant messenger 1.0.7

imo was originally a messaging app that could manage a lot of different social networks and chat apps. It discontinued support for third party...

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Best BlackList 2.01

Highly personalizable call manager for S60 3.0 phones

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Conversation 8.40

One of the things I love most about IM apps like Google Talk is that they allow you to easily keep track of what you talk about, saving your...

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ICQ 1.00

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Mcleaner 1.4.1

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Psiloc Extended Recorder 1.21

The recording function within the Nokia Series 60 phones is brilliant for capturing voice notes about inventions you've just thought of, or taking...

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RoadSync 2.002

Sync your mobile with Outlook when you're on the move

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Mobile Spam Agent 0.50

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Total irRemote 1.50

All multimedia devices around your home are now controllable using your mobile phone - isn't that great?! The TV, HiFi set, CD, VCR and DVD player...

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JoikuSpot 2.5

If you're lucky enough to have a 3G unlimited Internet plan, perhaps you might want to think about turning your phone into a WiFi access point with...

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